Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wedding Day Custom Koozie Favors!!

Our team here at That Wedding Boutique have been working overtime with the growing trend in koozie wedding and party favors! Get creative and give your guest a favor they will use over and over :) Order yours today! CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party – What better way to start the party ?

Wedding Shower – This is always a fun time, and you can have the name and date of your upcoming wedding, and add a little thank you on the back.

These are fun for non wedding events also:
Family reunions
Birthday parties
Class Reunions
Sporting events

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

2012 Wedding Trends

Ritzy Ranch Weddings

The setting? A 200-year-old barn complete with long exposed-wood tables, large chandeliers and ambient lighting. The flowers? Lace-wrapped bouquets of wild roses, lilies of the valley, Queen Anne's lace and gardenias. The food? Delicate wild game like juniper-spiced venison, cider-braised pheasant and pan-roasted quail.

Just Simply Amazing

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our New Wedding Favors !!

Are you getting Married? Do you know someone who is about to "Tie The Knot" ?
Don't miss out on our unique personable Wedding Wish Bracelet- Wedding Favor's !

A wish bracelet is a simple but cute bracelet that is meant to encourage following your dreams. Our Bracelets are earth friendly made from hemp and can be worn by men, women, and children.

The idea of a wish bracelet is that when you get one you sit somewhere quiet and hold the bracelet in your hand and focus on your wish. Think of your wish without anything else interrupting your thoughts. Then tie the bracelet securely to your wrist. Then don't take the bracelet off. Any time you play with the bracelet, or someone comments on it, think about your wish again. After some time the bracelet will fall off on it's own, and your wish will come true.

Of course a bracelet does not have "Magic" abilities to make things come true, but when a goal is often brought to your attention you are more likely to try to work towards that goal. Therefore the bracelet helps encourage you to obtain your own wishes and goals.
I can personalize the bottom of the card with the bride/groom names and wedding date or an image of your choice.

Bracelets Colors:
5)Multi Color

***Please send me a message to let me know the quantity needed and I can create a special listing just for you in our online shop. I offer a Bulk discount!! ****** OUR SHOP- CLICK HERE

Perfect for ALL Theme Weddings!
Thank you for looking!