Friday, August 31, 2012

That Wedding Boutique: Our New Wedding Favors !!

That Wedding Boutique: Our New Wedding Favors !!: Are you getting Married? Do you know someone who is about to "Tie The Knot" ? Don't miss out on our unique personable Wedding Wish Bracelet...

New in our shop Baby Shower Wish Bracelet Baby Shower Favor Personalized

A wish bracelet is a simple but cute bracelet that is meant to encourage following your dreams. Our Bracelets are earth friendly made from hemp and can be worn by men, women, and children.The idea of a wish bracelet is that when you get one you sit somewhere quiet and hold the bracelet in your hand and focus on your wish. 

Think of your wish without anything else interrupting your thoughts. Then tie the bracelet securely to your wrist. Then don't take the bracelet off. Any time you play with the bracelet, or someone comments on it, think about your wish again.After some time the bracelet will fall off on it's own, and your wish will come true. Of course a bracelet does not have "Magic" abilities to make things come true, but when a goal is often brought to your attention you are more likely to try to work towards that goal.Therefore the bracelet helps encourage you to obtain your own wishes and goals.

I can personalize the bottom of the card with the Mom to be's name and shower date or The new babes name and birthday as an announcement ! We can even print the card on light pink or light blue per request :)***Please send me a message to let me know the quantity needed and I can create a special listing just for you. I offer Bulk discount!! ******

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Partners in Life and in Business

As most of you know  "That Wedding Boutique" consist of a Husband & Wife Team, when you have emailed us to inquire about an item on our site you got a response from either Amy or Bobby right? well, we would like to take a few moments to share our thoughts and experiences when it comes to being partners in life and in business.

Before we decided we could not spend one more minute working apart we sat down and seriously started discussing starting a company that would afford us both to enjoy our work while doing it together! we considered many things first what would we do ? we both have education in different fields but have common interest in people, art and design. After a few months of brainstorming we came up with our business plan and began to execute it, if you have ever herd someone say if you can survive in marriage you can survive anything, they were partially correct in my opinion .... If you can survive in marriage and run a business together you can survive anything!  

Much like our vows go "In good times and in bad times" you have to be willing to stick it out in business in good times and in bad, trust me when I say there will be Good times and Bad times in business, in our personal expeiernce working together has been the BEST decion we have ever made and continues to reward us not only in life but in our relationship daily, we have become inseparable and can not stand to be apart.

Our advice for those of you looking to be partners in life and in business, always remember you are Husband and Wife and then Business Partners, respect one another opinions equally and communicate every concern until both of you completely understand the decision you are making :)


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High Quality Bridal Bouquets now in our shop!!

That Wedding Boutique now offers high quality, affordable Bridal Bouquets not only for the Bride but for the Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor as well!! Check out our expansive selection of Beautiful Bouquets located in our shop. Starting at just $24.95. VISIT OUR SITE.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

We Now Offer Wedding Wands!!!

Our much anticipated launch of a very popular wedding item is now here and it is BIGGER than we could have ever imagined !!!  It's Wedding Wands ***  Not just your plan jane ones either, we offer wedding wands with premium satin ribbon, lace ribbon, personalized ribbon, sheer ribbon, with or without bells what ever your heart desires.....

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

All New Vintage Silver Wedding Cake Forks Engraved Bride & Groom

Makes a wonderful memento !

Vintage Silver Wedding Cake Forks hand stamped with Bride & Groom.
The silverware pattern of each set is the same. The design on each set will vary but all are heirloom silver plated.

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